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BOBGOBLIN, one of the premiere socially-conscious pop-punk bands of the late 1990’s dawns a new generation of fans with the release of their first album in 14 years.  Featuring BOBGOBLIN's intense energy and the melodically elaborate sounds of the band’s alter ego, Adventures of Jet, LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST: PART I is the group's most hard-hitting, socio-politically-charged rock opera to date.

With the 1997 MCA/Universal Records release, THE TWELVE POINT MASTER PLAN, BOBGOBLIN became known for their satirically-minded and infectious power pop tunes. On-stage, the high-energy, concept-oriented band has donned their trademark, black flight suits since their origins in the mid-1990's, flanked by television sets with charged-up political images.

Just as THE TWELVE POINT MASTER PLAN used political wedge-issues as musical inspiration in 1997, LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST: PART I  was inspired by the group's perception of today’s prevailing socio-political landscape.  “This time our satirical mood is played out with much less whimsy than earlier examples of BOBGOBLIN,” explains Lead Singer and Songwriter, Hop Litzwire.  “The emotional tones are more explosively brooding, the issues are more burdeningly purvasive, and the musical colors are painted with the bold, elaborate strokes of a band concentrated and focused on conveying the scenes of a desperate time.”

Although the lyrics are often thematically dark, BOBGOBLIN’s sound carries the message with a bounce, a groove, and a hook infectious enough to send the listener dancing and signing off the record's jagged cliffs.  Along the way, listeners are greeted with gleefully deceptive cheats (“Feel No Pain,” “White Lines”), callous evil-doers (“I Know a Place,” and Hide From Tomorrow”), and the victims, who are at times disablingly fearful (“Danger”), at others defiantly heroic (“Poor Daniel”), and ultimately at their wits end (“Hide From Tomorrow”).

BOBGOBLIN’s LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST: PART I can be purchased for digital download at, as well as iTunes and AmazonMP3.  For more information, browse this site or visit

The second part of the sessions are to be released in the Spring/Summer of 2012, completing the LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST collection.


Pulling from influences ranging from punk, new wave, and 70's glam rock, all the way to symphonic music, the veteran power pop group BOBGOBLIN have returned from a long absence to release LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST, certainly the band's most sonically expansive and intense production to date. Having produced two previous albums under the moniker of their more subdued alter ago, Adventures of Jet (AOJ), LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST is a return for the group, not just in name, but also to the abrasive, socio-politically-charged, and satirically-minded power pop that the band's core members purveyed in the late 1990’s and highlighted in their 1997 MCA/Universal Records release, THE TWELVE POINT MASTER PLAN.

Since their Dallas, Texas origins in the mid-1990's, the conceptually-minded BOBGOBLIN has been known by the initiated for their infectious, energetic power pop tunes and recognized on-stage by their black flight suits; BOBGOBLIN’s hard hitting shows drew sold out crowds across the country in venues such as The Whiskey and The Troubador in Los Angeles, Trees in Dallas, The Metro in Chicago and Brownies in New York.  In 1996, they were invited by ASCAP to play their showcase at the music industry’s leading music conference, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, returning to SXSW for MCA in 1997 and '98.

In 2001, under the guise of their more melody-centric, suitless alter ego, Adventures of Jet (AOJ), the group produced the album PART 3: COPING WITH INSIGNIFICANCE, a new wave-influenced commentary on their experiences on the corporate side of music; it was released on Joey Cape’s (Lagwagon) indie-label My Records and gained international attention, landing on several top music lists.  In 2004, also as AOJ, the band released the pre-mid-life commentary disguised as a car-concept record, MUSCLE, on Surburban Home Records, further delving into their melody-driven sensibilities with layered, synthesized sounds and intricate background vocals.  They were again invited to play South by Southwest 2004 following the release of MUSCLE.

Singer and Songwriter, Hop Litzwire and Drummer Rob Avsharian met and started BOBGOBLIN in the early 1990’s as recent graduates of the University of North Texas. As a film student, Litzwire got the band off and running with the making of a video for “Mental Suburbaknights,” an eventually seminal BOBGOBLIN rocker.  Continuing in the field with his own business, Litzwire Sound and Vision, Litzwire produced, shot, directed and edited BOBGOBLIN’s music video for “25 Million to One,” AOJ’s “Emily Mazurinsky,” and is currently finishing BOBGOBLIN’s latest video for “White Lines” from their newest album LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST.  Highly respected among fellow musicians, Avsharian brings to the group unreproachably tight and skilled drumming, an illustrious musical background, and experience as a great performer, having traveled the world with a variety of acts, including legendary guitarist Andy Timmons and The Rocket Summer.  His composition skills and his ideological positions have made him a integral contributor to BOBGOBLIN's unique directions.

Shortly after starting BOBGOBLIN, Litzwire and Avsharian were joined on bass by Tony Jannotta (aka Corporal Glascock). With a background in computer programming to go with an intensely opinionated disposition, Jannotta became instrumental in helping with BOBGOBLIN's conceptual and multimedia bent, helping  to turn THE TWELVE POINT MASTER PLAN into an enhanced cd, an up-and-coming technology at the time.  Obvioulsy a major contributor as a musician and a thinker as well, Jannotta later slipped into the role of lead guitarist once the need arose.

Bass player Darian Stribling, a long-time friend of Litzwire's, joined the band in the mid-2000's in their return as BOBGOBLIN.  On LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST,  Stribling offers a nail-driving bass sound abrasive enough for the most intense moments, yet punchy and tight enough to accentuate the bounciest of BOBGOBLIN's melodies.  Helping to re-solidify BOBGOBLIN's sound and attitude on LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST is co-producer/guitar player Barry Poynter, who helped managed the sonic balance of the record, while joining Glascock with his buzz-saw guitar sounds that envelop the songs in burning yet dynamic tones.  Poynter co-produced both LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST and THE TWELVE POINT MASTER PLAN at his studio, Poynter’s Palace, in Little Rock, Arkansas.  

Recognizable by a stark cover sketched by internationally-renowned charcoal artist David Bailin, BOBGOBLIN's LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST: PART I is available as a digital download on iTunes and AmazonMP3, or as a more expansive digital download via the band's Bandcamp site at BOBGOBLIN plans to embark on a tour of select cities in the Spring and Summer of 2012. More information can be found by browing this site or at


"Two parts Cheap Trick, two parts Rollins Band, two parts Sugar....and two parts Indy 500!"

-Current Magazine

"More hair-raising pop melodies, hooks, strange concept soundbits, and catchy rhythms to gobble and catch alternative radio offguard.  It's nice to see a rock band trying out something different in these sad radio and rock music days."


"BOBGOBLIN add a modern, distinctive twist to its collage of genres, catchy, pop-flavored rockers that never lose their progressive edge.  Fall in line and pledge allegiance."


"BOBGOBLIN plays fast, tight, loud and proud, with a slick mix of major and minor chords that gives each song depth and texture.  Their music is full of dichotomies.  For example, they play buzzfuzz guitar with the energy of a punk band, yet they're very cleanly recorded and the album is nicely engineered.  The songs are wonderfully constructed - each tune delivers a maximum rock n' roll punch, yet each has at least a couple of nifty musical touches built into the framework of the song.  The mix features slashing rhythm guitar and zippy lead lines right up front, with lovely harmonizing keyboard work sneaking in underneath....put on the record and turn it up!

-Backstage Pass

"BOBGOBLIN's songs feature Kafka-esque lyrics that trumpet themes of alienation and social dominance, but those messages come wrapped in a shiny box of rock music with a big ribbon that even those with a less developed sense of the abstract can untie rather nicely."

-The Met

"BOBGOBLIN is no novelty, no joke to be laughed off once the uniforms are taken to the cleaners.  the band feeds upon the knowledge and arrogance of youth, the ability to create anew what's already so old.  It is at once the notion that rock's best ideas are all used up, and the insistence that music can still engender a response as fresh and provocative as when first heard."

-Dallas Observer

Eschewing solos for tight, rhythm-driven songs, BOBGOBLIN's sound is a fierce, venom-tainted version of glam rock and new wave.  The lyrics are as subtly incisive and pungent as any this reviewer has heard this year.  Concentrating on the tight, even fabric that makes up its sound, BOBGOBIN tips its hat to early 1980's pop-punk through quirky vocal stylings....the band twists the beat around, shortens some measures and lengthens others, always keeping its uniquely crafted pop craft in the forefront."

-Little Rock Free Press

"People told me that BOBGOBLIN were like DEVO, so being a fan of DEVO I had to see them.  Granted, the members of BOBGOBLIN all wear black jumpsuits, they don't sound or perform anything remotely like fucking DEVO.  These guys are punk rock - not middle school or old school or preschool but 90's punk rock.  They kicked ass.  BOBGOBLIN played to about 20 people and they kicked it out like they were playing a fucking sold out show.  BOBGOBLIN go off live.  If you're into having fun, so see BOB-fucking-GOBLIN."